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Welcome to Związek Pracodawców Shokokai

(Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Poland)

The system conversion at 1989 in Poland, it made Poland regain democracy and market economy. From the epoch to now, the economic scale (in real terms) of Poland has become twice and the seventh largest in the EU. Especially since 2004 after being a member of the EU, it achieves the average of 4.4% annual growth until 2014, Poland is the only one country of all other EU Member States to maintain the economy growth, even though all others had negative growth in 2009.

Therefore due to its steady economic growth, the number of Japanese-affiliated companies is going to reach 300 in Poland. However, apart from subject of each company individually doing business, in this country there are also common challenges for Japanese companies, such as the following.

  1. Differences of business style
  2. Differences in living environment (language, culture, customs, and climate)
  3. Differences of legal system and administrative procedures

In order to correspond and resolve these matters, the origin of SHOKOKAI (Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industries) has been established in the 1970s under the old regime as a group of Japanese companies in Japanese Club in Poland. And then in 2009 SHOKOKAI (Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industries) has been registered as an entity (employer's association) on this country of law. Now it is consisted from around 90 member companies and carrying out activities for the purpose of the following three points.

The purpose

  1. To make member companies do smooth business activities in the Republic of Poland by exchange of various information and study of the necessary laws, regulations, business and living environment tions, business and living environment
  2. To carry out various activities for the promotion of exchange and social gatherings between members.
  3. To support for the development of the Japanese Club in this country


We would like to invite you who agree to the above subject matter to join in our organization Związek Pracodawców Shokokai: Employer's association / Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Poland.

(Ref: Status(Polish & Japanese) Internal-Regulation(j))
Inquiries to Secretariat of Związek Pracodawców Shokokai

Związek Pracodawców Shokokai: ul. Kormoranów 7, 02-836 Warszawa, Poland


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